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Task Force Aegis - Bastion

The Bastion is a tank class from the Task Force Aegis Project at the University of Skövde.

The Bastion is a heavy-duty drone constructed to guard against enemy fire. Both the drones armor plating and its heavy shield are encased in maraging steel, and the shield has undergone further tempering to make it even more resistant against gunfire and other physical impacts. This makes the Bastion practically invulnerable unless one can manage to outflank it, thus allowing it to act as a moving cover for whoever it is supposed to protect.

Concept by: Johannes Palmblad
3D Collaboration with: Tobias Forsling
Rigging and Skinning: Fredrik Steenberg

Anton ehn screenshot006

Overview of the Bastion.
Character: 37104 tris
Weapon: 2666 tris
Shield: 2186 tris

Turntable render of the Bastion class.

Anton ehn screenshot004
Anton ehn screenshot005
Anton ehn bastion weapon

A High-Poly render of the Bastion's weapon, the powerful, automatic LW-19 shotgun.

Anton ehn bastion shield

A High-Poly-render of the Bastion's shield.

Anton ehn bastion hp

A High-Poly render of the Bastion.
The shin- and foot-plates as well as the model for the vest were made in 3D by Tobias Forsling.