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Character - Tundra Giant

A Tundra Giant character, created based upon the theme of Nordic Folklore, for an assignment at The University of Skövde.

The idea behind this project was to create a believable race of nomadic giants, as if the giants of the Norse sagas were real beings roaming the Tundras and Mountains of the north.

Anton ehn screenshot006 2

View from the side, detailing the warpaint. The warpaint is mostly designed around the Thurs rune, which is the rune used in ancient norse to symbolize giant-kind.

Anton ehn anton ehn koncept reference

Initial concept image with scale reference. The anatomy of these creatures was inspired by elephants, with short, stubby legs to sell the idea of them being big creatures, and massive necks as a product of centuries of butting to assert dominance.

Anton ehn anton ehn koncept progression

Concept image detailing eventual progression of equipment. Furs and bones are collected from the animal herds which these nomadic giant drive before them.

Anton ehn screenshot002 2

Front View

Anton ehn screenshot004 2

Front View Close-up

Anton ehn screenshot003 2

Bone Necklace Close-up

Anton ehn screenshot007 2

Back View